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  • By tradition, we are performing poojas to Lord Sri Balagurunatha Swami. As per the Dhyana Sloka, he found out the true picture of Lord Sri Balagurunatha Swami and he compiled the Pooja procedures also. As per the procedure we are conducting poojas. This Gurunathaswaamy is worshipped as a Kula Devathaa ( Family Deity ) by most of the Telugu speaking community. Astrology Puja
  • Any one with ordinary ability can learn much of Astrology. It is no longer a difficult study. With proper instruction and a reasonable amount of effort one can learn to cast a horoscope and read it so that it becomes a guide to important affairs of life.
  • Our range of Computerized Horoscope Service includes a complete horoscope report. These services are provided on the basis of the details given by our clients. These details include date, place, time and year of birth. We make a trusted and authentic horoscope in accordance with the details and provide our clients with a reliable report. The birth charts enables the clients with certain predictions, which includes Dasa/Bukti/ Paryantar dasa periods, Lords of houses, Planetary conjunctions, Combustion Sayana and Nirayana longitudes of planets, Rasi, Navamsa, Bhava, Varga charts, Ashtakavarga, and Retrograde aspects, Benefic/Malefic analysis, Kujadosha, Upagraha charts, Planetary friendship, drik table, Shad bala and Bhava bala and YogasComputer Horoscope

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