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Our range of Computerized Horoscope Service includes a complete horoscope report. These services are provided on the basis of the details given by our clients. These details include date, place, time and year of birth. We make a trusted and authentic horoscope in accordance with the details and provide our clients with a reliable report. The birth charts enables the clients with certain predictions, which includes Dasa/Bukti/ Paryantar dasa periods, Lords of houses, Planetary conjunctions, Combustion Sayana and Nirayana longitudes of planets, Rasi, Navamsa, Bhava, Varga charts, Ashtakavarga, and Retrograde aspects, Benefic/Malefic analysis, Kujadosha, Upagraha charts, Planetary friendship, drik table, Shad bala and Bhava bala and Yogas

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