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Terms and Conditions Business7Days

Terms and Conditions


  • An Agreement Accepting

To use the services of, you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions set onward. If you do not agree to the terms, you may not use the services of Business7days Portal.


You can agree to the Terms:

1. By choosing or clicking on Agree to Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, when the option is given in the user interface of any service given by Business7days.


2. By using the services given by Business7days. In such a circumstance, it will be understood that you follow by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Business7days.

In case you thing or do not agree to any of the Terms set onwards by Business7days, you may not use the Services provided by Business7days.


  • Business7Days Terms of Services

Business7days is in the progression stage and is frequently enhancing so as to deliver the best user knowledge. It is consequently mentioned that the functionality and accessibility of the Services presented by Business7days may differ from time to time without before notices.


Because of constant progression and development, you must agree to that business7days may stopped for the short term or entirely providing the Service without any former notices. Also, you must accept the fact that business7days maintains the authority to stop accessibility to your account and avoid you from accessing the Services provided by Business7days, your account information or any documents or other data which is controlled in your account.


  • Security of Account and Information

To admittance specific Business7days services, you may be needed to create an account on Business7days and provide information about yourself as a part of the registration process. You agree to that the details given by you to business7days will be right and that business7days will have admittance to all the provided data for advertisements and marketing promotions related to Business7days only. Business7days does not promote, sell or hire any Information except that in case you are a customer of our search services through any of the Media Marketing.


You agree that you are responsible for keeping the privacy of password related with your Business7days account. In case you fail to remember your Business7days account password, the password will be delivered to the email address given at the time of signing up. Thus, you should enter the proper email address at the time of signing up so as to keep your account password safe. You agree that only you will be accountable to business7days for all actions that get position under your account.


  • Business7Days Data and Information

Business7days makes no representations or guarantees about the quality, reliability, rightness, consistency, durability, perfection or currentness of any information provided on or through the website. Business7days makes no assurance, nor does business7days take any liability for the data which includes its quality, trademark conformity or validity, or any causing damage or loss. The user of business7days considers all risk and responsibility for the use of services provided by business7days and the web in general. The data not restricted to the accessibility of any product or service or any feature thereof, is subject to switch without notice.

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